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Experimental aircraft List of experimental aircraft List of military aircraft of the United States Notes ^ For example, the Piasecki PA-97 ^ For example, the NASA AD-1 and Bell XV-15 ^ For example, the Northrop Tacit Blue References ^ "D-558-I" NASA Dryden Fact Sheets. NASA. Accessed May 8, 2010.

The X-2 was designed to explore flight at speeds and altitudes far beyond those attainable by the X-1s. The X-2 was originally ordered under the designation XS-2. (NASA photo E-5749) Two X-2s were built by Bell Aircraft at their Niagara Falls, New York, facility. The airframes were composed

The Bell X-5 was built to test the feasibility of changing the sweep angle of an aircraft's wings in flight. This had advantages from both an operational and research point of view. An operational aircraft could take off with its wings fully extended, reducing both its take off speed and the length of the runway needed.

The X-15's highest speed, 4,520 miles per hour (7,274 km/h; 2,021 m/s), [1] was achieved on 3 October 1967, [2] when William J. Knight flew at Mach 6.7 at an altitude of 102,100 feet (31,120 m), or 19.34 miles. This set the official world record for the highest speed ever recorded by a crewed, powered aircraft, which remains unbroken. [3] [4]

The Bell X-1 ( Bell Model 44) is a rocket engine-powered aircraft, designated originally as the XS-1, and was a joint National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics - U.S. Army Air Forces - U.S. Air Force supersonic research project built by Bell Aircraft.

The Bell X-5 was the first aircraft capable of changing the sweep of its wings in flight. It was inspired by the untested wartime P.1101 design of the German Messerschmitt company.

The Bell X-14 ( Bell Type 68) is an experimental VTOL aircraft flown in the United States in the 1950s. The main objective of the project was to demonstrate vectored thrust horizontal and vertical takeoff, hover, transition to forward flight, and vertical landing. Design and development External image Bell X-14 thrust vectoring vanes

Bell X-5. DAYTON, Ohio -- Bell X-5 at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo)

The Bell X-16 was a high altitude aerial reconnaissance jet aircraft designed in the United States in the 1950s. The designation of X-16 was a cover to try to hide the true nature of the aircraft mission from the Soviet Union during the Cold War. [1] Development [ edit]

The Bell X-1 was a rocket-powered aircraft designed by Bell for a supersonic joint research project between the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) and the US Army Air Forces (USAAF), later the US Air Force. Initially conceived during the Second World War and built in 1945, the X-1 ...

The X-1-1 was delivered by Bell in December 1945. At the same time, the Army Air Forces asked that NACA personnel oversee the instrumentation and data analysis of the X-1 flights.

On October 14, 1947, an X-1 launched from the bomb bay of a B-29 bomber and piloted by U.S. Air Force Captain Chuck Yeager over the Mojave Desert of California broke the sound barrier of 1,066 km (662 miles) per hour at an altitude of 13,000 metres (43,000 feet) and attained a top speed of 1,126 km (700 miles) per hour, or Mach 1.06.

With only two units produced, Bell X-5 remains one of the most important aircraft in post-WWII history. This plane played a critical role in testing the

The first Bell X-1, serial no. 46-062—the rocket plane that Chuck Yeager piloted past Mach 1—rests on Rogers Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert.

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The American Bell X5 revolutionized aircraft design and performance in the 1950s thanks to its unique capability to change the sweep of its wings during flig...

Bell X-1 2.1. x-1; yeager; supersonic (1 review) By Ray H. Find their other files; Share More sharing options... Followers 2. 6 Screenshots. About This File. This is a completely new build of my earlier submission which incorporates more sophisticated modelling and animation techniques. This famous plane is probably familiar to most enthusiasts.

Learn about an innovation before its time and one of Bell's first V/STOL vehicles.

. Nexus 6HX Bell Fort Worth, Texas, USA The Bell Nexus is a hybrid-electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicle aimed at on-demand Urban Air Mobility.

The Bell X-16, also known as Bell Model 67, is a cancelled high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft developed in the 1950s for the USAF under project MX-2147. The X-16 began development in the second half of 1953, where it competed against Fairchild and Martin for new studies regarding a high altitude reconnaissance aircraft. 28 examples of the X-16 were ordered built, but this was cancelled ...

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